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A Little About Kootenay Bath Products

Kootenay Bath Products provides an extensive line of both fresh handmade bath and beauty products for every member of the family!

Kootenay Bath Products features  have beard oil for the gents, Fountain of Youth Facial Cream for the ladies and for the children I have non-toxic bubble bath salts in a variety of delicious scents. For Infants, there is natural baby wash and baby bum balms to soothe those tender bottoms!!

All of Kootenay Bath Products are natural, environmentally safe, made in small batches, never tested on animals and most importantly are gentle for children and people with sensitive skin.


I am a entrepreneur that believes in natural wholesome products but most importantly I am mom of two great children, 

I also work outside the home as a professional Care Aide and provide quality care for the elderly population in the community.

I started  Kootenay Bath Products  in 2007 in the Kootenays and I have attended a few juried Christmas fairs in Nelson while I was a resident there. Instead of having two names, I kept the name, because I still sell in the West Kootenay's.


My desire to create Kootenay Bath Products started from my enjoyment of buying bath and bubble bars for my own personal use from Lush.  I continued to purchase the products from there and it began to become far too expensive.


I began to experiment and try my own hand at making quality natural products for my own family, professional colleagues and close friends. Over a period of time and after receiving feedback from my  colleagues, friends and family I saw an dramatic increase in demand for the natural products I was creating with the quality ingredients for myself, family and friends.

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