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This is a lot of 12 handmade bath melts/Shower Butter. Each melt will do 3-4 baths, no problem. Simply break off a small chunk and put into your tub and the hot water will melt this gem. They are very rich in moisturizer and scent. They will leave your skin silky smooth with a great scent. Each bar weighs between .7 and .9 oz. The shelf life is 1-2 yrs or more, I haven't had them last for more than 6 months in my house.

Shower Butter is a great moisturizer for you dry skin such as legs after shaving etc. Just open bar and rub on the dry parts of your body, after showering and drying. This little gem of a moisturizer is different than any other moisturizer you have ever used. While your skin is warm, rub it all over. We warn you though, you will become addicted. Your skin simply drinks in the moisture and the scents are quite yummy.

Bath Melts/ Shower Butters

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